Best Time to consume Fruits

During this time we may often think that the fruit was dessert. So eat it after eating rice or main course, but is that right? No one forbids us to eat fruit anytime. But if you want to get the best benefits, we need more sharp and careful again in choosing the most appropriate time to consume them. There are best times that are highly recommended for eating fruits. Although not a really special rule, if we can follow it, it is not impossible we will get maximum benefit from the fruits that enter into our body. Here is the right time to consume fruit

Fruit Consumption When Stomach Is Still Empty

the best time to eat fruit just when the stomach is empty. That way, the fruit can help the effective detoxification process for the body and all the nutrients contained in the fruit can be absorbed with the maximum. This is also the reason why eating fruit in the morning for breakfast is also good for digestion. In addition, the fruit that enters the body can increase blood sugar levels slowly so that the stomach feels full longer.

Acidic fruits such as oranges are not recommended for immediate consumption by people who often get heartburn. Fruits that have the potential to make the stomach easy to bloat like melon is less recommended for consumption on an empty stomach. In essence, adjust also with the condition and tolerance of our respective bodies.

Fruit Consumption 1 Hours Before Lunch

Eat fruit preferably 1 hour before lunch. Why? Because after eating, the body’s absorption of fructose will be slower, so if forced to eat fruit when the stomach is full, the stomach will feel tired due to the release of acid in the stomach. It can also trigger diarrhea or abdominal pain. If you want to eat fruit after lunch, should give a lag time of 2 hours. So that cholesterol levels can be reduced and the absorption of food in the body can remain smooth.

Fruit Consumption 1 Hours Before Exercise

One hour before exercise, it’s good to consume fruits to taste. This consumed fruit will be a good injection of nutrients and increase body energy without making us feel satiated or nauseated.

When choosing a fruit, select a fresh and indeed the season, yes. You see, the right fruit appears during the season is not a fruit that passes through genetic engineering, so the nutrients are safer and do not use chemicals that force fruit. consumption of fruit regularly every day to get health benefits.…