Danger Of Compressing Children With Cold Water

When the child fever does not make calm. Children become fussy and a little inconvenient. Fever also makes the child difficult to sleep, because they feel uncomfortable. There are many causes of fever such as flu, immunization, and teething. There are many ways to reduce fever, one of them by way of compressing. If mom during this time to compress the child with cold water should immediately stop this habit. Compressing the right child is with warm water. Warm water effectively lower body temperature in children. By compressing warm water, then the center of body temperature will receive information that she around the body is warm. Then the body will automatically lower its temperature.

Compressing the right is in the folds of the body rather than on the forehead. So put the compress on the armpit and groin. This is because the body folds are bypassed by large blood vessels, which function to inform the brain to lower the body’s sushi. So the fever was gone. After the compress, dry the wet body parts with a dry towel. Wear the clothes back. If the clothes start wet with sweat, you should change the clothes of children with clothes dry and clean. This helps the child stay comfortable and the fever immediately disappears.

When the appetite fever is usually decreased. To increase appetite, make hot chicken soup. Warm and hearty soups will warm the digestion and make it comfortable. So that his appetite can recover soon. Well, hopefully, this information is useful and do not forget to replace the child’s compress with warm water instead of cold water.

Fever is not something dangerous. What you should anticipate precisely the condition after the fever lasts. Any action in dealing with a fever is centered not on how many fevers can be suppressed, but how to keep the patient comfortable despite a seizure in the first 24 hours.