According to Research, Sleep Deprivation Can Trigger Dangerous Diseases

The more mature, sometimes more difficult to arrange a resting schedule. Busy activity and busy making it difficult to sleep regularly. In fact, that often happens, we often lack enough sleep. Whereas lack of sleep that could trigger the emergence of a number of dangerous diseases. Not just a tired and weary body throughout the day, in the long run, you run the risk of these diseases.


Reported from, the researchers mentioned the link between sleep deprivation with Alzheimer’s disease. Even Alzheimer’s disease can be more severe if sleep deprivation continues to be a habit.


sleep deprivation can lead to obesity. Quoted from, many studies that mention lack of sleep can cause weight gain. Because during sleep, the body will release hormones that help control appetite, maintain metabolism and glucose processing. If the body lacks sleep, hormone balance can also be disrupted.


Type 2 diabetes can be triggered by lack of sleep due to disruption of glucose processing in the body. reducing the hours of sleep from 8 hours or more to 4 hours per night, the result of glucose processing in the body is slower than when they sleep 12 hours.

Heart disease

Lack of sleep can cause blood pressure to increase every time you wake up. Rising blood pressure called hypertension if left continuously can cause cardiovascular disease. The risk of heart disease increases.

Mental Health Disorders

Depression and mental disorders can arise from lack of sleep. in one study, subjects who slept 4.5 hours per night felt easy to stress, sad, angry, and tired mentally. They also seem less enthusiastic. Problems and disorders can only be lost when they can get enough sleep every night.

So it’s really important for ladies to get enough sleep every day. Adjust to your condition and needs as well, yes. It would be better if balanced with maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise.…

The Benefits Of Consuming Sweet Potato Juice Every Day

Sweet potato is one of the food ingredients that contain a lot of good nutrition for the body. It contains fresh, in addition to steamed or fried, sweet potatoes are also suitable for juice. Experts believe if the sweet potatoes as a source of nutrition. Nutrients found in sweet potatoes include beta-carotene, iron, manganese, folate, and copper.

Sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamin d is very good for physical and psychological health. Making sweet potato juice mixed with ginger, cinnamon, and carrots and drinking it regularly every day can be wonderful for the body. Benefits include the following.

Balancing Blood Sugar

As a source of beta-carotene and vitamin b6, sweet potatoes have important nutrients to balance or stabilize blood sugar in the body. Nutrition in sweet potatoes is also very good in preventing the risk of diabetes or increase in blood sugar in the body.

Healthful Digestion

Sweet potatoes are foods rich in fiber. For that, consume regularly every day can make digestive health well preserved. It can also help overcome constipation and indigestion.

Treating Ulcer Pain

Maag is one of the health problems of digestion that should not be underestimated. An acute ulcer can cause complications until death. For that, be sure to immediately treat the problem of ulcer health. One way is to consume sweet potato juice mix ginger, cinnamon and carrots regularly.

Strengthening Nutrition And Bones

The content of magnesium and iron are high in sweet potato making it very good for healthy teeth and bones. Want to have strong teeth and bones? Try to consume sweet potato juice regularly every day.

Those are some amazing benefits of sweet potato for body health. In addition to the above benefits, other benefits of sweet potato are a source of vitamin d, a source of vitamin c, make ageless and help launch a diet program. I hope this information is helpful.


Causes of Belly Stomach in Women

Ouch, my favorite jeans will not fit anymore? Every time you wear a shirt, so it’s harder to button it because the bellies are getting bigger? Duh, the more you do not believe in yourself ya taste. Belly stomach is very disturbing appearance. Even not only that, the distended stomach can also trigger the emergence of a number of other diseases. Before it’s too late, let us identify some common causes of the distended stomach in women. By knowing the cause from the beginning like this, in the future, we can be more cautious again.

Sedentary Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is a sedentary lifestyle. an inactive lifestyle causes significant weight gain in men and women. Even after successfully losing weight, the stomach is still bloated. In order to avoid a distended stomach, it is important to exercise regularly every week.

Low Protein Diet

Eating a low-protein diet can make your stomach bloated over time. According to the study, people who eat foods with high protein levels have a small risk of fat accumulation in the abdomen. Conversely, low-protein foods can actually increase the secretion of hormones “hungry” called Neuropeptide.


During menopause, a woman’s stomach can bulge. In the post-menopausal phase, estrogen levels in the body decrease significantly, causing visceral fat to accumulate in the stomach and not on the hips and thighs. The weight gain can be different for every woman.


When stress, appetite can increase. When under stress, hormone cortisol levels in the body can increase and cause increased appetite. The negative effect, excess calories instead of channeled throughout the body but instead accumulate in the stomach.

That’s four common causes of the distended stomach in women. Let’s keep a healthy diet from now for the sake of maintaining health and of course the weight that remains proportional.


Purple Potatoes Can Reduce Colon Cancer Risk

Purple potatoes have nutrients and antioxidants up to 10 times greater when compared with regular potatoes. Purple potatoes are also believed to have a variety of vitamins that are amazing for the body. Quoted from the page, recent research says that the nutrients in a purple potato are very good to prevent and reduce the risk of colon cancer. Not only that, the antioxidant substances contained in purple potatoes are also good at reducing the risk of obesity as well as digestive cancer.

Consumption of two servings of purple potatoes every day for a month or even believed to lower blood pressure in obese people. Colored plants, especially purple potatoes, are believed to contain bioactive compounds, such as anthocyanins and phenolic acids that are useful in preventing cancer and killing cancer cells in the body. Food is like a weapon. This can increase the risk of the disease, this is a remedy and this can prevent the risk of cancer such as colon cancer. Purple potatoes can prevent the risk of colon cancer. “

Consumption of foods containing macronutrients or substances that the body needs in large quantities such as proteins, as well as consumption of foods containing micronutrients and filo nutrients such as vitamins, carotenoids, and flavonoids are very likely effective in preventing cancer risk. Bowel cancer is a major killer in many western countries. The cause is the consumption of excess meat and lack of vegetable and fruit intake. White potatoes are useful, but high purple potato antioxidants are more useful. “

Even so, not only purple potatoes are used for health benefits. Other colored vegetables and fruits are also said to have the most amazing benefits of purple potatoes. I hope this information is helpful. Let ladies, less meat consumption and multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruits so that the body is always healthy also away from various diseases.


The Type Of Food That Is Good For Health For Brain And Healthy Heart

Ladies, check again if we have been keeping a good diet for brain and heart healthy? In addition to an exercise routine, it is also important to pay attention to our daily a food intake. Especially there are certain types of foods that should be consumed regularly because it can help maintain the health of the brain and our heart. Brain and heart need smooth blood flow. If the blood flow is not smooth, then the risk of heart attack and disruption of brain function will be high. In addition to regular exercise and avoiding smoking and alcohol, it is important to keep blood pressure and cholesterol normal by regularly eating these foods.


Nuts such as walnuts and almonds contain fiber and fat that are good for maintaining heart health. Consume enough to replace your unhealthy snack menu to get the best benefits.


Citrus and papaya are rich in beta carotene, potassium, magnesium, and fiber are good for heart health. Rutinlah eat fruit every day to keep your heart healthy, yes ladies.

Green Vegetable

Various vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and asparagus kayak will be beta carotene, folate, and fiber. Consume regularly also help maintain heart health.

Flax Seed (Flax Seed)

Flax seed or flax seed is also a temple for heart health. This is none other than because the content in it that includes omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and phytoestrogens are good for the heart.

Whole Grains (Whole Grains)

Whole wheat, nuts, and various whole grains rich in fiber are also well consumed on a regular basis. In addition to help maintain heart health, whole grains can also help smooth the flow of blood in the body. Choose healthy foods for consumption, regular exercise, and set a healthy lifestyle for brain and heart health is maintained, yes ladies. Hopefully the info is useful.


Danger Of Compressing Children With Cold Water

When the child fever does not make calm. Children become fussy and a little inconvenient. Fever also makes the child difficult to sleep, because they feel uncomfortable. There are many causes of fever such as flu, immunization, and teething. There are many ways to reduce fever, one of them by way of compressing. If mom during this time to compress the child with cold water should immediately stop this habit. Compressing the right child is with warm water. Warm water effectively lower body temperature in children. By compressing warm water, then the center of body temperature will receive information that she around the body is warm. Then the body will automatically lower its temperature.

Compressing the right is in the folds of the body rather than on the forehead. So put the compress on the armpit and groin. This is because the body folds are bypassed by large blood vessels, which function to inform the brain to lower the body’s sushi. So the fever was gone. After the compress, dry the wet body parts with a dry towel. Wear the clothes back. If the clothes start wet with sweat, you should change the clothes of children with clothes dry and clean. This helps the child stay comfortable and the fever immediately disappears.

When the appetite fever is usually decreased. To increase appetite, make hot chicken soup. Warm and hearty soups will warm the digestion and make it comfortable. So that his appetite can recover soon. Well, hopefully, this information is useful and do not forget to replace the child’s compress with warm water instead of cold water.

Fever is not something dangerous. What you should anticipate precisely the condition after the fever lasts. Any action in dealing with a fever is centered not on how many fevers can be suppressed, but how to keep the patient comfortable despite a seizure in the first 24 hours.


Cleaning Coral Teeth Apparently Can Evict The Bad Smell

Many people think when it is brushing your teeth three times a day, the teeth will be clean and healthy. In fact, the opinion was less precise because there is still remaining food left in between our teeth. Well ladies should, you add dental care such as scaling or cleaning tartar. Tartar occurs because of a plaque of food scraps that when we clean, the rest of the food is not lifted all.

when we brush our teeth, we have left the rest of the food remaining in the back, so the food remains in the long term, and hardened to the teeth, so the tartar, the thicker the clay, will suppress the gums and make into inflammation and gum bloody. Clean teeth thoroughly aim to create healthy teeth and gums and keep us from bad breath. Because the old tartar can make bad breath.

Cleaning tartar will make your teeth and gums healthier and odor-free, the first thing to do when scaling is the dentist will check as much as our tartar, whether it is blackened or yellowing. Only, will the cleaning of the coral that takes not so long, which is only 20-30 minutes, but if the tartar a little only takes 15 minutes. After that, the dentist will clean the teeth with toothpaste to shine. And lastly, you will be given mouthwash to clean the teeth.

When you clean the tartar, do not worry about the pain. Because when cleaned it really does not hurt. However, if the tartar of many teeth will only feel shriveled. If the tooth corals are many, the teeth will be the longest for a week. If you use pain sensitive toothpaste, and mouthwash is prescribed by a doctor. After a week, the teeth will not shrivel anymore because the gums are lifted.


Drinking Coconut Water Routinely, good for the health of the Body

Young coconut water is a refreshing drink that can relieve thirst in an instant. This low-calorie drink also has a myriad of benefits. Rich in antioxidants and contains amino acids, enzymes, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and various types of minerals, coconut water is good to drink regularly. It is good that the coconut water is organic. Not already in the form of packaging that has been given additional preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Here are some benefits your body can get when drinking coconut water.

Make Body Feel Fresher

Coconut water contains electrolytes that can prevent dehydration. The body feels more refreshed after drinking coconut water.

Lowering Blood Pressure

coconut water contains vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium that can stabilize blood pressure. Potassium can help balance the negative effects of sodium and lower blood pressure. So well consumed also regularly.

Lowers cholesterol

This coconut water is fat-free and cholesterol. So that if taken can help lower bad cholesterol. Very well consumed to lower the risk of heart disease.

Weight Loss Can Down

Again diet or struggling to lose weight? Coconut water can try your consumption regularly. This drink contains bioactive enzymes that can facilitate digestion and increase metabolism.

Dizziness and Headaches Cease

Usually, the headache or a headache is caused by dehydration. And this coconut water contains a good electrolyte for the body while preventing dehydration. Magnesiumnya content can also help overcome a headache and headache next.

Drinking coconut water on an empty stomach is also recommended. That way, the immune system will increase and the body is protected from bacteria and other microorganisms. Lots of benefits? It’s time to replace your energized drink with more natural coconut water.

Benefits Of Breakfast With Eggs Every Morning

Breakfast is an important and obligatory activity that we need to do every day. In order to get a healthy body and mind that is always fresh, be sure not to miss the ladies breakfast. Also, for those of you who want to have the ideal body shape, it is recommended that breakfast never escape to be done. Breakfast menu that can be consumed be injury morning alone there is a variety. Starting from foods with the lowest calories to foods with the highest calories. Egg is one of the important foods used as breakfast menu. When you regularly eat one egg every morning, there are many healthy benefits that you can get. Health benefits include:

Boost The Immune System

The first benefit of a regular breakfast of egg-wearing is the increased immune system. Eggs are a source of protein and iron are also a variety of vitamins that are good for health. This is what makes it able to improve the best immune system, making the mind more fresh and body protected.

Brain Intelligence

Nutrition contained in a single egg is very good for educating and maintaining brain health. Nutrition called choline in eggs is believed to be good for brain development, preventing dementia and alzheimer’s.

Relieves Stress

There are at least 9 types of acids present in eggs. And all kinds of this acid is very good for psychic health and serotonin release so that the mind avoid the risk of stress, anxiety, fear and depression.

Regulates Body Cholesterol

In an egg it contains at least 200 milligrams of good cholesterol. If this cholesterol is consumed regularly with the right portion each day, this will ensure the cholesterol in the body is regulated very well.

Good Make Eye Health

Nutrition and vitamins contained in the egg is very good for eye health. Consumption of one egg every morning can help you have healthy eyes, avoid the risk of minus or other eye problems and prevent cataracts in old age.

Healthy For SkinĀ  and Hair

Eggs are a good source of protein for healthy skin and hair. Nutrition contained in it is also very good in maintaining the beauty and moisture of the skin and hair.

Given the many benefits of eggs for health and beauty, it is advisable that you do not miss breakfast using an egg every morning. I hope this information is helpful.


Best Time to consume Fruits

During this time we may often think that the fruit was dessert. So eat it after eating rice or main course, but is that right? No one forbids us to eat fruit anytime. But if you want to get the best benefits, we need more sharp and careful again in choosing the most appropriate time to consume them. There are best times that are highly recommended for eating fruits. Although not a really special rule, if we can follow it, it is not impossible we will get maximum benefit from the fruits that enter into our body. Here is the right time to consume fruit

Fruit Consumption When Stomach Is Still Empty

the best time to eat fruit just when the stomach is empty. That way, the fruit can help the effective detoxification process for the body and all the nutrients contained in the fruit can be absorbed with the maximum. This is also the reason why eating fruit in the morning for breakfast is also good for digestion. In addition, the fruit that enters the body can increase blood sugar levels slowly so that the stomach feels full longer.

Acidic fruits such as oranges are not recommended for immediate consumption by people who often get heartburn. Fruits that have the potential to make the stomach easy to bloat like melon is less recommended for consumption on an empty stomach. In essence, adjust also with the condition and tolerance of our respective bodies.

Fruit Consumption 1 Hours Before Lunch

Eat fruit preferably 1 hour before lunch. Why? Because after eating, the body’s absorption of fructose will be slower, so if forced to eat fruit when the stomach is full, the stomach will feel tired due to the release of acid in the stomach. It can also trigger diarrhea or abdominal pain. If you want to eat fruit after lunch, should give a lag time of 2 hours. So that cholesterol levels can be reduced and the absorption of food in the body can remain smooth.

Fruit Consumption 1 Hours Before Exercise

One hour before exercise, it’s good to consume fruits to taste. This consumed fruit will be a good injection of nutrients and increase body energy without making us feel satiated or nauseated.

When choosing a fruit, select a fresh and indeed the season, yes. You see, the right fruit appears during the season is not a fruit that passes through genetic engineering, so the nutrients are safer and do not use chemicals that force fruit. consumption of fruit regularly every day to get health benefits.…