Maximizing Space Function With Empty Space Utilization In Bedroom

Tips to maximize the narrow bedroom to make it look more spacious by utilizing the empty side of the bedroom for storage.

Lots of people complain about the small size of the bedroom. The small rooms are deemed less able to accommodate their need for storage. They often store many objects and collections in the room without realizing that their room is not able to accommodate all these objects. consequently, the already small bedroom becomes increasingly congested with poor arrangement and piles of objects.

Small bedrooms are usually found in homes that tend to be small, such as the type of house 36. In addition, having a small bedroom may also be experienced by those who live in apartments or boarding. If you feel your room is too small, you should do a re-decoration to maximize the function of the bedroom that focuses on the utilization of free space. Here are tips:

1. Decorate your bedroom

To maximize the function of a narrow bedroom to look more spacious, you’ll want to redecorate the room. the first thing you have to do is remove all kinds of objects and furniture in the room. Let your room be empty first so you have an idea of ​​the look of your new room. Then, prepare the items you may need during redecorating, such as wall paint, shelves, cabinets, plastic bags, and trash cans.

2. Elimination of objects that are not functional / only decorative

Choose from all the objects or furniture that you have removed earlier that you think is functional. Because your room type is relatively small, then you must eliminate objects that have accumulated in the room. Objects that can be eliminated are objects that are not functional and only as a display, such as dolls, vases, paintings, and so on.

3. Consider creating a special room for clothes or collections

As for the functional items such as wardrobe, study desk or chair, or sofa, when its presence even add to the tightness of the bed room, it need not be forced to enter. For wardrobe, it’s good you make a separate room, especially if your collection of clothes and jewelry is quite a lot. Thus, these objects will not accumulate in the room and interfere with the comfort of your sleep.

4. Repaint wall walls with bright colors, natural, and not dark

One effective way to make the bedroom to be more spacious that is by repainting the walls denagn natural colors to give a broad view. However, if you are bored with natural colors, you’ll want to use bright colors that look fresh, like yellow or light blue. The colors are also no less good in giving wide effect on the room. In addition, the color can give the impression of brighter and not dull.

5. Take advantage of under / empty space under the bed

When buying a new bed, try to buy a bed that has a shelf or a small cupboard at the bottom of the bed. The shelf is very functional in filling the empty space that usually exist under the mattress. In addition, the storage cabinet can be used to store collectibles such as stationery, books, accessories, and so forth.

6. Use horizontal shelf / storage cabinets

Cabinets in general, be it a bookcase or wardrobe, tend to have a vertical elongated cabinet shape. For the type of narrow space like the bedroom, the presence of a large enough cupboard will certainly take up considerable space. therefore, you should replace your vertical shelf or cabinet with a horizontally elongated storage rack. These cabinets are usually installed or hung attached to the wall. This method is effective enough to utilize the wall of the room and maximize spatial function in your bedroom.

7. Get rid of the clothes hanging on the hanger

Sometimes, people love to change clothes but lazy to wash them. Jeans or jackets for example, they often only wear them briefly and then hung on a coat hanger for weeks. It is often intended to be easier when it is used again. The way is certainly not good because too many piles of clothes on the hanger will make the bedroom look shabby and increasingly narrow. Therefore, it is good to reduce the number of clothes on the hanger and wash the clothes if it has been dirty.

With a little more neat arrangement, now get a comfortable and roomy bedroom is quite easy is not it? So, do not be sad if the size of your bedroom is small enough. All it takes is a little skill in processing all possible empty space in the room to be utilized as much as possible. Through these tips, hopefully you can better observe the empty space in your room and start to use …