Want Kitchen Remodeling at Low Cost? Follow These 4 Steps!

Kitchen becomes one of the most important space in a dwelling. It is said, the kitchen into a center of activity in the house. All activities can not be separated from the kitchen. From breakfast to dinner. So no wonder, that the kitchen gets special attention compared to other spaces that are in the house. Given the importance of kitchen functions, the kitchen is divided into 2 types.

The first type, namely wet kitchen. Wet kitchen is used to wash kitchen utensils and prepare a main menu cooked with a stove.

The second type, is dry kitchen. Dry kitchen is only used to prepare a simple breakfast menu, such as bread or cereal.

Unfortunately, the kitchen conditions are often neglected. Even many kitchens are neglected to be cleaned and not well maintained. This often makes you feel uncomfortable even lazy to cook at home. In fact, cooking at home than healthy also save expenses you know. You can reduce your expenses to eat up to 50% per month. Wow .. Not bad?

Well, for those who want to renovate the kitchen to be more comfortable when cooking with a minimalist budget, you must take a look the following 4 steps:

1. Organize the furniture

Try to check back on the condition of the furniture in your kitchen space? Can not be denied if the kitchen furniture is often stored not tidy. For example, eating utensils mixed with cooking utensils. Of course not troublesome?

Well, the idea to tidy up the kitchen furniture to be the right choice to save your kitchen renovation you know. So, how to do? The trick is very easy and does not cost a penny. You simply store cookware adjacent to the cooking area. So it is very easy for you when cooking.

In addition, in renovating the kitchen you are also required to sort the kitchen equipment. Get rid of unneeded cooking utensils or rusty pans. The kitchen was now looking more clean and fresh. Thus, the dream to renovate the kitchen at a frugal cost can be realized immediately.

2. Add a doormat

Small form, make the mat is often forgotten. In fact, this kitchen mat has many crucial functions in a dwelling. There are at least 2 advantages you can get when using a doormat in the kitchen space. First, the mat serves to absorb water that drips around the kitchen. Use a mat that has a high absorption, such as a microfiber mat to prevent you from slipping while in the kitchen.

Second, the mat serves to clean the soles of the feet. Dirty or greasy feet often leave traces on the kitchen floor. Therefore, the addition of a kitchen mat into a cost-saving tips to create a new look on your kitchen space.

3. Lights

Not a few kitchens have poor lighting. For example when the use of lights that are too bright or too dim. Though lighting like this very impact on the atmosphere of the kitchen.

When using a lamp with high intensity, the kitchen becomes very dazzling. Conversely, when using lights with low intensity, the kitchen seems to be stuffy.

Therefore, replacing the lamp becomes the right decision when you want to renovate the kitchen. To save budget, you should use LED light. LED lamp price is quite cheap. In addition, the light is warm and soft and energy efficient. Thus, if you want to get a new look in the kitchen space at a cost that is not bloated, you simply switch to the LED light.

4. Repainting

One important aspect in renovating the kitchen is repainting your kitchen space. It is said, paint the walls in the kitchen gives a big impact on the overall condition of kitchen space. To get a feel of a fresh kitchen and does not seem pale, it is recommended to use green paint.

In addition, the presence of green in the kitchen space gives the impression of spacious. Kitchen looks more loose and more attractive. Thus, changing the paint color of the walls in your kitchen space becomes an absolute decision when you want to renovate the kitchen.

After reading and doing the 4 simple tips above, you can now have a dream kitchen with renovation costs that do not drain your wallet.…