6 Things You Need to Know Before Remodeling the Bathroom

Want to renovate your bathroom? Maybe you are still confused, which part that you want to renovation and what kind of bathroom? or you want a bathroom that looks more luxurious, classic, minimalist, even retro can be a difficult choice for you.

Bathroom is a room that can unwittingly affect mood. Beautiful bathroom, neat also must be clean this will make you more happy to use it. In addition, the bathroom is also a favorite place to relax the mind tired after the activity.

You can also change your bathroom theme as per your convenience.

If you want to renovate the Bath room at home, you need to pay attention to several things before renovating.

1. Budget Calculation

Budget one of the keys to the success of the renovation process. Therefore, you are required to determine the budget or budget you want to spend on renovating your bathroom.

The budget will affect the type of material and the handyman used. Examples such as Selection of material types such as sink, toilet, bathtub, and much more to consider. You also need to determine which priority scale should be fixed first.

Determine the materials that are important for your bathroom renovation and do a small survey to find out what the price of the material. So you can allocate your budget appropriately.

You can also make calculations about the overall cost of the renovation so that this can make it easier for you.

2. Themes

You need to specify the theme or concept that your new bathroom wants to apply. Maybe you keep using the old bathroom concept, or can apply new concepts such as: minimalist, classic, luxurious, or perhaps retro.

That might add to your inspiration, by applying the concept of “go green”. No need to add a lot of accessories, just add some plants in the bathroom so the air in the room is not damp.

You can use environmentally friendly materials that will add to the bathroom look artistic and energy efficient.

3. Location

Structuring The location of bathroom components can be considered important. It seems less visible if the bathroom entrance directly to the toilet, better if in order to directly look the sink or shower screen only.

You can put the closet in a corner that is not visible to the eye when crossing the bathroom. Try adding a towel to a more useful area like near the sink. Place this towel can also be used as a place to put the change of clothes.

4. Replace Ceramics

For ceramics that have been discolored and may be crusted sometimes difficult to clean. Then you need to replace it with a new one. This can simultaneously change the theme and atmosphere of your bathroom. The choice of ceramic motif will affect the concept applied.

If you use a plain ceramic will look a minimalist concept, for wooden fiber ceramic motifs will look ethnic and classic warm.

5. Ventilation Installation

Ventilation must be in Bathroom. Smooth air circulation will renew fresher air. The installation of these vents can also reduce the growth of fungi that breed in humid places such as bathrooms.

Proper installation of these vents is necessary so that the bathroom air is kept clean.

6. Lighting that fits

Many people believe light can create illusions in the bathroom. It is true, the bathroom is not too broad to be seen widely with the Light.

In addition, mix with paint colors that make the room look more spacious. You can also use acrylic glass tile, to keep the bathroom light enough.

But do not use for the entire bathroom, just 1 or 2 only. So that the bathroom is not hot and still get sunlight.

So there are some things to consider before renovating your bathroom. No need to worry to design it, you can ask for help services of Architects or interior designers to renovate the bathroom to your liking.…