Benefits of Graviola for diabetes mellitus

Annona muricata has a green peel and white and soft flesh. Soursop fruit has black seeds. Soursop plants both fruit, leaves, and flowers can be used for medicine. Soursop seeds should not be consumed because of toxic but can be processed into insecticide materials.

The most nutritional content in soursop fruit is the carbohydrate type glucose and fructose. It also contains high vitamin c, minerals (potassium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium), and high in fiber. Soursop contains phytochemical compounds called acetogenin which can prevent blood sugar spikes and keep them stable. It is effective for diabetics.

Diabetes is a disease with insulin deficiency that causes high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is often known as sugar disease. The lack of insulin produced by the body causes glucose to circulate in the blood and it is difficult to get into the cells. Sugar content in soursop is also more easily digested and absorbed by the cells so as not to increase the pile of sugar in the blood.

In a study involving diabetic-induced animal testing, giving soursop extract was effective in lowering sugar levels. Sugar levels in experimental animals close to normal, other than that accompanied by a decrease in blood fat levels, the risk of liver damage decreased, and healthy antioxidants in the blood increased.

Soursop meat is quite thick, white and there are seeds – seeds are spread evenly black. You can consume it directly by eating the meat of soursop fruit or by being smoothed first into soursop juice. High vitamin c content provides a refreshing acidic taste when consumed.

Before processing it, make sure you take the soursop leaves are still young. Soursop leaves are still young have a better quality content. Clean the soursop leaves first. Then, boil the soursop leaves with water into the pan until boiling. Then strain, separate water, and soursop leave and pour into a glass. Drink boiled water soursop leaves while warm. Consumption at least once a day every night before bed.


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