Before Renovation Your Bathroom, You Must Know This

Stylish bathroom arrangement will certainly make the overall look of the house so interesting. In terms of interior decoration, the trend is so the easiest to be used as a reference in choosing a theme. Not just for the inside of the house but also the bathroom.

With the arrangement of a beautiful bathroom will certainly make the overall look of the house so interesting. Dream friends who are bored and want to renovate the current bathroom shape, can follow to adopt the trend that will stand out in 2018.

Want to know what you should lyrics when setting the bathroom? Check out this trend.

Mirrors and marble

The bathroom tends to consist of a straight line decor. To balance it, you can install a mirror in there. Mirrors can give a fresh look to the room shower without the need to spend a big budget. If the round mirror had mushroomed in 2017, this year the bathroom will be enlivened with a more varied form of mirrors.

For the choice of floor or marble sink table is still the best choice. Especially for the bathroom, this is because marble can give an exclusive feel. Give an accent marble on some objects such as counter, sink, to wall or floor.

Unique ceramic motif

Motif games can be poured into the ceramic selection. This year will be enlivened with ceramic trends that have a more daring and colorful motif. The view will be gives a deep impression.

Retro color

The interior color of the bathroom previously enlivened with dark nuances like 70s. Avocado-green colors are now being replaced by a brighter, fresh color like orange.

Retro style is known as a classic ceramic accents ceramic small box. By combining it with modern decor, your bathroom can look stylish like the 1970s without seeming out of date.


Not only the color, the bathroom is also decorated with various shapes and textures such as ceramic Terra Cotta to wood accents. The bathroom is a place to relax, so giving a warm accent can make you feel more comfortable.


Not just gadgets that have development, bath tools also do not want to be out of date. With a variety of sophisticated toiletries, you can get a futuristic impression. Besides that, modern tools can also make things easier. Examples such as a shower that can be lit only by using voice commands.