Choosing a Simple But Fascinating Home Fence Design

In the concept of minimalist home architect, the existence of minimalist house fence design certainly plays quite important. This is because the concept of minimalist home fence design is the first seen from a house building. Because the front looks, of course, will give the first impression before heading to the inside of the house. For this reason, the design of a fence must be carefully considered both in terms of beauty or function. In addition, the security and comfort side must also be considered. When choosing a fence design, make sure that your choice is in accordance with the budget you have prepared.

Various types of fence design minimalist home renovation

Building a minimalist home renovation turned out to offer a variety of good from the side of type or form. Surely, each type differs from one another mainly from the design side to every space in the house. The difference is no exception is also visible from the theme of minimalist fence design house that will be used. When choosing a fence design, you should consider and consider carefully the type of material to be used. The reason, the location of a fence is a place that is often exposed to heat and rain. So, if you choose the wrong material, the fence will quickly weathered, easily damaged, and rusty. But you do not need to worry because at this time a lot of fence that you can choose according to the theme of your home.

In addition to functioning for home protection, renovation of minimalist house fence design also has the function of the exterior. Thus, the selection of the type of material used for the fence can not be underestimated. Construction of the fence must be sturdy, strong and do not forget also must look beautiful. In Indonesia, one of the most popular minimalist house fence design is the design of the fence with materials made of marble. In addition to having a sturdy and modern shape, this type of material also has advantages that will make your home look more attractive and elegant. If you choose this type of material, you should also consider the design and shape of the house so that the fence design looks harmonious and appropriate.

The next type of fence design is with the main material of wood. Of course, the minimalist design of this fence is perfect for those of you who like a house with a simple theme but still look interesting. With a fence made of wood, the renovation of your home will look more natural and beautiful. In addition to looks beautiful because of the classic elements in wood, this one material also has advantages that is relatively cheap when compared with other types of fence. Fences with wood base materials will have a better look if painted or wooden plaster. To add a classic effect, you can also add carvings to the design of a minimalist wooden house fence.

Many love the wooden fence for building a minimalist house, especially those who like the classic style. For those of you who like modern style, you need not worry because nowadays a lot of wooden fence design with modern theme. So, you can easily create it with a modern design. Typically, a minimalist wooden fence design made of wood is given a touch of brown colors. This is done with a varnish process. However, many wooden fences found in white or other colors are striking.

Iron fence is one of the most common type of fence used in various regions in Indonesia. This is most likely due to the large number of people who have begun to consider the importance of maintaining security in the home in addition to displaying the beauty of home design. Increasingly, the design and shape of iron fences are increasingly diverse and of course have the beauty and the value of various arts as well. Fences made of iron are perfect for home installing with modern themes and minimalist concepts. This is because the design is slick and modern make this type of fence so well matched with the design of the house.

In addition, many people choose the type of iron material for their fences because of the stronger iron properties when compared to wooden fences. It is because of this that more and more people prefer to use iron fences rather than wooden fences although they are priced at a relatively high price. In addition, the development of creativity has also become one of its own attraction because at this time the clean fence have more variations both in terms of model or design and of course all the options are neat and beautiful.

Minimalist fence design to make it look more attractive

Finding the right type of material …

Want Kitchen Remodeling at Low Cost? Follow These 4 Steps!

Kitchen becomes one of the most important space in a dwelling. It is said, the kitchen into a center of activity in the house. All activities can not be separated from the kitchen. From breakfast to dinner. So no wonder, that the kitchen gets special attention compared to other spaces that are in the house. Given the importance of kitchen functions, the kitchen is divided into 2 types.

The first type, namely wet kitchen. Wet kitchen is used to wash kitchen utensils and prepare a main menu cooked with a stove.

The second type, is dry kitchen. Dry kitchen is only used to prepare a simple breakfast menu, such as bread or cereal.

Unfortunately, the kitchen conditions are often neglected. Even many kitchens are neglected to be cleaned and not well maintained. This often makes you feel uncomfortable even lazy to cook at home. In fact, cooking at home than healthy also save expenses you know. You can reduce your expenses to eat up to 50% per month. Wow .. Not bad?

Well, for those who want to renovate the kitchen to be more comfortable when cooking with a minimalist budget, you must take a look the following 4 steps:

1. Organize the furniture

Try to check back on the condition of the furniture in your kitchen space? Can not be denied if the kitchen furniture is often stored not tidy. For example, eating utensils mixed with cooking utensils. Of course not troublesome?

Well, the idea to tidy up the kitchen furniture to be the right choice to save your kitchen renovation you know. So, how to do? The trick is very easy and does not cost a penny. You simply store cookware adjacent to the cooking area. So it is very easy for you when cooking.

In addition, in renovating the kitchen you are also required to sort the kitchen equipment. Get rid of unneeded cooking utensils or rusty pans. The kitchen was now looking more clean and fresh. Thus, the dream to renovate the kitchen at a frugal cost can be realized immediately.

2. Add a doormat

Small form, make the mat is often forgotten. In fact, this kitchen mat has many crucial functions in a dwelling. There are at least 2 advantages you can get when using a doormat in the kitchen space. First, the mat serves to absorb water that drips around the kitchen. Use a mat that has a high absorption, such as a microfiber mat to prevent you from slipping while in the kitchen.

Second, the mat serves to clean the soles of the feet. Dirty or greasy feet often leave traces on the kitchen floor. Therefore, the addition of a kitchen mat into a cost-saving tips to create a new look on your kitchen space.

3. Lights

Not a few kitchens have poor lighting. For example when the use of lights that are too bright or too dim. Though lighting like this very impact on the atmosphere of the kitchen.

When using a lamp with high intensity, the kitchen becomes very dazzling. Conversely, when using lights with low intensity, the kitchen seems to be stuffy.

Therefore, replacing the lamp becomes the right decision when you want to renovate the kitchen. To save budget, you should use LED light. LED lamp price is quite cheap. In addition, the light is warm and soft and energy efficient. Thus, if you want to get a new look in the kitchen space at a cost that is not bloated, you simply switch to the LED light.

4. Repainting

One important aspect in renovating the kitchen is repainting your kitchen space. It is said, paint the walls in the kitchen gives a big impact on the overall condition of kitchen space. To get a feel of a fresh kitchen and does not seem pale, it is recommended to use green paint.

In addition, the presence of green in the kitchen space gives the impression of spacious. Kitchen looks more loose and more attractive. Thus, changing the paint color of the walls in your kitchen space becomes an absolute decision when you want to renovate the kitchen.

After reading and doing the 4 simple tips above, you can now have a dream kitchen with renovation costs that do not drain your wallet.…

6 Things You Need to Know Before Remodeling the Bathroom

Want to renovate your bathroom? Maybe you are still confused, which part that you want to renovation and what kind of bathroom? or you want a bathroom that looks more luxurious, classic, minimalist, even retro can be a difficult choice for you.

Bathroom is a room that can unwittingly affect mood. Beautiful bathroom, neat also must be clean this will make you more happy to use it. In addition, the bathroom is also a favorite place to relax the mind tired after the activity.

You can also change your bathroom theme as per your convenience.

If you want to renovate the Bath room at home, you need to pay attention to several things before renovating.

1. Budget Calculation

Budget one of the keys to the success of the renovation process. Therefore, you are required to determine the budget or budget you want to spend on renovating your bathroom.

The budget will affect the type of material and the handyman used. Examples such as Selection of material types such as sink, toilet, bathtub, and much more to consider. You also need to determine which priority scale should be fixed first.

Determine the materials that are important for your bathroom renovation and do a small survey to find out what the price of the material. So you can allocate your budget appropriately.

You can also make calculations about the overall cost of the renovation so that this can make it easier for you.

2. Themes

You need to specify the theme or concept that your new bathroom wants to apply. Maybe you keep using the old bathroom concept, or can apply new concepts such as: minimalist, classic, luxurious, or perhaps retro.

That might add to your inspiration, by applying the concept of “go green”. No need to add a lot of accessories, just add some plants in the bathroom so the air in the room is not damp.

You can use environmentally friendly materials that will add to the bathroom look artistic and energy efficient.

3. Location

Structuring The location of bathroom components can be considered important. It seems less visible if the bathroom entrance directly to the toilet, better if in order to directly look the sink or shower screen only.

You can put the closet in a corner that is not visible to the eye when crossing the bathroom. Try adding a towel to a more useful area like near the sink. Place this towel can also be used as a place to put the change of clothes.

4. Replace Ceramics

For ceramics that have been discolored and may be crusted sometimes difficult to clean. Then you need to replace it with a new one. This can simultaneously change the theme and atmosphere of your bathroom. The choice of ceramic motif will affect the concept applied.

If you use a plain ceramic will look a minimalist concept, for wooden fiber ceramic motifs will look ethnic and classic warm.

5. Ventilation Installation

Ventilation must be in Bathroom. Smooth air circulation will renew fresher air. The installation of these vents can also reduce the growth of fungi that breed in humid places such as bathrooms.

Proper installation of these vents is necessary so that the bathroom air is kept clean.

6. Lighting that fits

Many people believe light can create illusions in the bathroom. It is true, the bathroom is not too broad to be seen widely with the Light.

In addition, mix with paint colors that make the room look more spacious. You can also use acrylic glass tile, to keep the bathroom light enough.

But do not use for the entire bathroom, just 1 or 2 only. So that the bathroom is not hot and still get sunlight.

So there are some things to consider before renovating your bathroom. No need to worry to design it, you can ask for help services of Architects or interior designers to renovate the bathroom to your liking.…

Before Renovation Your Bathroom, You Must Know This

Stylish bathroom arrangement will certainly make the overall look of the house so interesting. In terms of interior decoration, the trend is so the easiest to be used as a reference in choosing a theme. Not just for the inside of the house but also the bathroom.

With the arrangement of a beautiful bathroom will certainly make the overall look of the house so interesting. Dream friends who are bored and want to renovate the current bathroom shape, can follow to adopt the trend that will stand out in 2018.

Want to know what you should lyrics when setting the bathroom? Check out this trend.

Mirrors and marble

The bathroom tends to consist of a straight line decor. To balance it, you can install a mirror in there. Mirrors can give a fresh look to the room shower without the need to spend a big budget. If the round mirror had mushroomed in 2017, this year the bathroom will be enlivened with a more varied form of mirrors.

For the choice of floor or marble sink table is still the best choice. Especially for the bathroom, this is because marble can give an exclusive feel. Give an accent marble on some objects such as counter, sink, to wall or floor.

Unique ceramic motif

Motif games can be poured into the ceramic selection. This year will be enlivened with ceramic trends that have a more daring and colorful motif. The view will be gives a deep impression.

Retro color

The interior color of the bathroom previously enlivened with dark nuances like 70s. Avocado-green colors are now being replaced by a brighter, fresh color like orange.

Retro style is known as a classic ceramic accents ceramic small box. By combining it with modern decor, your bathroom can look stylish like the 1970s without seeming out of date.


Not only the color, the bathroom is also decorated with various shapes and textures such as ceramic Terra Cotta to wood accents. The bathroom is a place to relax, so giving a warm accent can make you feel more comfortable.


Not just gadgets that have development, bath tools also do not want to be out of date. With a variety of sophisticated toiletries, you can get a futuristic impression. Besides that, modern tools can also make things easier. Examples such as a shower that can be lit only by using voice commands.…

7 Ways to Renovate Kids Bedroom Save Cost

The bedroom is a comfortable place for your baby to rest, study and play. They will spend a lot of time, so do not ignore the interior decoration that contains a combination of colors and playful shapes.

With just a little cost and creativity, you can change the bedroom to look fun and educational. Try to apply some cost-effective and easy ideas below to make them feel at home in the room!

Create a Small Art Gallery

Wall hangings containing photo frames, color-dependent images are an easy way to make the baby’s room fun. Could be, you are also inspired to create mini Picasso to decorate the walls of her room?

Play with Motif

The easiest way to add joy to the child’s bedroom is to enrich the motive that is on the wall. The picture above is an example of make over with a blend of beautiful brightly colored pillowcases combined with a similar color carpet.

Collection Antique Furniture

Instead of having to buy a new set of furniture with a similar model, you can take advantage of the collection of furniture that has been collected for a long time. This way not only saves you money, but the example above can be an easy way to bring colorful and eclectic shades at once.

Create Handmade Ornaments

You do not have to be a master of crafts before trying some handmade projects to decorate a child’s bedroom. With unique materials of choice and color, you can create unique decoration that is easy but looks beautiful to be displayed on the walls of the room.

Energize with the decoration pom-pom

Easy and inexpensive, it makes a lot of pom decoration selected to enliven the party decoration. Made of tissues, make colorful pom ornaments of different sizes to beautify your child’s bedroom.

Play Creative with Cat

Compared to having to paint the wall with one color only, why not try creative with three or four color gradations? Use a vertical or horizontal line motif to create a super dramatic effect. The above example in the adaptation of Rebecca Propes to create the room looks more unique.

Select Large Decal Paper

Add a graphic decoration to be adopted into wallpaper of a child’s room. In appeal choosing stickers for walls, wall decals * offer customize able designs and sizes to your liking so your child’s imagination can grow.

Paper decal or often called Transfer paper is a type of paper that serves to transfer images from computer to media we want…

Maximizing Space Function With Empty Space Utilization In Bedroom

Tips to maximize the narrow bedroom to make it look more spacious by utilizing the empty side of the bedroom for storage.

Lots of people complain about the small size of the bedroom. The small rooms are deemed less able to accommodate their need for storage. They often store many objects and collections in the room without realizing that their room is not able to accommodate all these objects. consequently, the already small bedroom becomes increasingly congested with poor arrangement and piles of objects.

Small bedrooms are usually found in homes that tend to be small, such as the type of house 36. In addition, having a small bedroom may also be experienced by those who live in apartments or boarding. If you feel your room is too small, you should do a re-decoration to maximize the function of the bedroom that focuses on the utilization of free space. Here are tips:

1. Decorate your bedroom

To maximize the function of a narrow bedroom to look more spacious, you’ll want to redecorate the room. the first thing you have to do is remove all kinds of objects and furniture in the room. Let your room be empty first so you have an idea of ​​the look of your new room. Then, prepare the items you may need during redecorating, such as wall paint, shelves, cabinets, plastic bags, and trash cans.

2. Elimination of objects that are not functional / only decorative

Choose from all the objects or furniture that you have removed earlier that you think is functional. Because your room type is relatively small, then you must eliminate objects that have accumulated in the room. Objects that can be eliminated are objects that are not functional and only as a display, such as dolls, vases, paintings, and so on.

3. Consider creating a special room for clothes or collections

As for the functional items such as wardrobe, study desk or chair, or sofa, when its presence even add to the tightness of the bed room, it need not be forced to enter. For wardrobe, it’s good you make a separate room, especially if your collection of clothes and jewelry is quite a lot. Thus, these objects will not accumulate in the room and interfere with the comfort of your sleep.

4. Repaint wall walls with bright colors, natural, and not dark

One effective way to make the bedroom to be more spacious that is by repainting the walls denagn natural colors to give a broad view. However, if you are bored with natural colors, you’ll want to use bright colors that look fresh, like yellow or light blue. The colors are also no less good in giving wide effect on the room. In addition, the color can give the impression of brighter and not dull.

5. Take advantage of under / empty space under the bed

When buying a new bed, try to buy a bed that has a shelf or a small cupboard at the bottom of the bed. The shelf is very functional in filling the empty space that usually exist under the mattress. In addition, the storage cabinet can be used to store collectibles such as stationery, books, accessories, and so forth.

6. Use horizontal shelf / storage cabinets

Cabinets in general, be it a bookcase or wardrobe, tend to have a vertical elongated cabinet shape. For the type of narrow space like the bedroom, the presence of a large enough cupboard will certainly take up considerable space. therefore, you should replace your vertical shelf or cabinet with a horizontally elongated storage rack. These cabinets are usually installed or hung attached to the wall. This method is effective enough to utilize the wall of the room and maximize spatial function in your bedroom.

7. Get rid of the clothes hanging on the hanger

Sometimes, people love to change clothes but lazy to wash them. Jeans or jackets for example, they often only wear them briefly and then hung on a coat hanger for weeks. It is often intended to be easier when it is used again. The way is certainly not good because too many piles of clothes on the hanger will make the bedroom look shabby and increasingly narrow. Therefore, it is good to reduce the number of clothes on the hanger and wash the clothes if it has been dirty.

With a little more neat arrangement, now get a comfortable and roomy bedroom is quite easy is not it? So, do not be sad if the size of your bedroom is small enough. All it takes is a little skill in processing all possible empty space in the room to be utilized as much as possible. Through these tips, hopefully you can better observe the empty space in your room and start to use …

Interior Design Narrow Space Solutions

Limitations of space usually become an obstacle to design the room becomes more comfortable and more beautiful. Precisely with the limitations created creative ideas that arise. Many overseas designers are trying to make interior design for the narrow room become more beautiful and comfortable.

Elements of creativity and technique become the key to maximize every span of empty space in your home. There are some principles of arranging the narrow room to be more beautiful with the maximum function among others;

Maximize the benefits of the wall. The walls that have been only filled with photos and pictures, this time used to be shelves that stick.

Selection of the right furniture. Selection of furniture in accordance with the width and shape of the room is very influential on the layout you create. Therefore handmade furniture or homemade more can be adjusted to the width and area of ​​your room.

Material use. Material in interior designing space is very important because it involves premises price which of course adjust to the fund you prepare. What kind of model you want to create. If you want to design a permanent room the use of concrete and cement can be done but if the design you created only semi-permanent wood materials can also be used.

Folding and multi-functional furniture. Making furniture (read furniture from bamboo) which has many functions require its own technique and creativity. For example you make a shoe rack that also functions as a bench or seat by home.

Coloring. Coloring is the final part of your design work. Colors that give the impression of a wide make the project you do to be perfect.

Here are some examples of interior design solutions narrow space. With my examples I hope to give you fresh and creative ideas.

1. Work space

Minimalist workroom design using the corner of the room. The table attached walled only about 1 meter long with beautiful shelves above it. Very simple does not cost much. (Sell Drawer Drawer)

2. Bedroom or bedroom.

The bedroom is simple with a bed of used pallet wood. Under the bed at once made a drawer so you can save the storage of your goods like books and other books.

3. Multipurpose Kitchen.

Like what is a versatile kitchen? Kitchen where you can read and do office tasks when you are not too busy cooking. While eating a light meal you can read a book of choice in the collection of shelves attached to the wall.

4. Living room or living room.

Simple yet elegant living room. Permanent table attached to the wall and a sofa that can be shifted docked to make the room remain spacious but have the maximum function.

5. Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist bathroom design for the narrow space. Utilizing a simple rack of shelves attached walled with a mirror above it.…