According to Research, Sleep Deprivation Can Trigger Dangerous Diseases

The more mature, sometimes more difficult to arrange a resting schedule. Busy activity and busy making it difficult to sleep regularly. In fact, that often happens, we often lack enough sleep. Whereas lack of sleep that could trigger the emergence of a number of dangerous diseases. Not just a tired and weary body throughout the day, in the long run, you run the risk of these diseases.


Reported from, the researchers mentioned the link between sleep deprivation with Alzheimer’s disease. Even Alzheimer’s disease can be more severe if sleep deprivation continues to be a habit.


sleep deprivation can lead to obesity. Quoted from, many studies that mention lack of sleep can cause weight gain. Because during sleep, the body will release hormones that help control appetite, maintain metabolism and glucose processing. If the body lacks sleep, hormone balance can also be disrupted.


Type 2 diabetes can be triggered by lack of sleep due to disruption of glucose processing in the body. reducing the hours of sleep from 8 hours or more to 4 hours per night, the result of glucose processing in the body is slower than when they sleep 12 hours.

Heart disease

Lack of sleep can cause blood pressure to increase every time you wake up. Rising blood pressure called hypertension if left continuously can cause cardiovascular disease. The risk of heart disease increases.

Mental Health Disorders

Depression and mental disorders can arise from lack of sleep. in one study, subjects who slept 4.5 hours per night felt easy to stress, sad, angry, and tired mentally. They also seem less enthusiastic. Problems and disorders can only be lost when they can get enough sleep every night.

So it’s really important for ladies to get enough sleep every day. Adjust to your condition and needs as well, yes. It would be better if balanced with maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise.