Absent Manor Racing in F1 Season 2017

Analisadaily – Hope Manor Racing to perform in the 2017 F1 season finally foundered. Because the name of the British team had been missing from the official list for the competition this season.

Federation Internationale de I’Automobile (FIA) to strike out the name of Manor Racing team list of contestants, and only 10 teams are authorized to perform this season, as reported by Reuters on Thursday (2/3).

Reason for deletion Manor CEO, Stephen Fitzpatrick, said to have written a letter to the FIA ​​regarding the resignation to be absent from terakbar car racing competition in the world.

Manor pullback can not be separated from their failure to find a new investor, and still owes more than $ 500 thousand in the last season to the F1 organizer.

In recent weeks, rumored Chinese investors are ready to overcome the financial problems experienced by the team who’ve defended Rio Haryanto. But these efforts reportedly failed.

Manor had alternated name. At the beginning of 2010 earlier stand, named Virgin Racing team. In 2012-2015 the team changed its name to Marussia, before last season using the Manor Racing.

2017 F1 season will start to be held on March 26 at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit at the Australian GP.

SCHEDULE MOTOGP QATAR 2017: Coming to Seri Perdana, Pedrosa Affirms Ability to Rise

Towards the start mat MotoGP 2017 season with a title ready in the series opener at the Losail circuit, Qatar on Sunday (26/03/2017) this weekend. Repsol Honda Team rider, Dani Pedrosa admitted that he was looking forward to the race.

And ahead of the premiere of this series will initiate this weekend, Pedrosa forcefully argued he had been working hard to enhance the Performance bike is a mainstay Honda RC213V in MotoGP in 2017.

In addition, the team-mate Marc Marquez was also revealed to have to improve its ability in riding a Honda 213V to be able to compete in this season and achieve the best results at the end of the table later.

“We worked very well together with the team as he entered the preseason, including during a test session in Qatar. Little by little we are improving motor performance and also my ability, “said Pedrosa, citing Crash, Wednesday (22/03/2017).

As known, at the end of the 2016 MotoGP standings yesterday Dani Pedrosa could only finish sixth in the order of 2016 MotoGP final standings with 155 points. With these records, Pedrosa hopes this season at least able to compete in the top five of the standings late 2017.

And of course, as the first test, Pedrosa should be able to perform optimally in the series that will premiere at the celebration at the Losail circuit, Qatar on Sunday (03/26/2017) this weekend. And it will be very interesting gait awaits Pedrosa MotoGP 2017 season.

5 Best Time to Exercise

Not only the type of exercise performed, the time of exercise can affect the results that you get. With a solid routine, it is not easy to find gym time, but experts give some advice about a good time to exercise.

Here are the five best that can be used to exercise, depending on the results you want.

1. Before the meeting
If you are going to do meetings suspenseful and ominous, do the exercise before. Exercise will trigger a reaction in the body to produce dopamine which will make you less stressed. By doing so, you can attend a meeting with a new spirit. Effects of dopamine in the body can be felt 15 minutes after exercise.

2. Before going to bed
This can be done if you have trouble sleeping soundly. Previous study suggests that exercise before bed can aggravate insomnia. In fact on the contrary, recent research from the National Sleep Foundation show that people who exercise at any time before sleep had better sleep quality than those who never exercise. If you insomnia, do yoga for a while before going to bed. Research shows that doing 30 minutes of yoga can improve sleep quality and make you fall asleep faster.

3. Reduce the level of injury
If you want to exercise to reduce the risk of injury, select the afternoons. For some people exercise in the morning after waking up may cause injury because the body is not yet ready to move. But if doing sports d evening after work, the body is ready to exercise, ie at 4 pm until 8 pm.

4. Lose weight
If you want to lose weight, exercise was before breakfast. Exercising in the morning to maximize the potential of the body to burn fat. People who exercise before breakfast known to have fat burning 20 percent more than people who exercise after eating.

5. Enlarge muscle
Exercise after dinner will make your body muscular fast. After dinner exercise is also easier to do so you can increase energy and muscle.

That’s some good time to exercise every day. Choose a time that suits your purposes.

5 Goalkeeper Recruited To Real Madrid

In the visible, invisible perhaps Real Madrid in trouble. They are at the top of La Liga and still advance to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.
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Even so, there is a complicated issue that can not be forgotten. Goalkeeper Keylor Navas less able to show the best performance. He was almost always conceded and the last few games do not need to be a blunder.

Surefire El Real began to re-linked with the keeper special goalkeeper. Here are five goalkeepers are expected to be part of Madrid.

5. Hugo Lloris

Tottenham Hotspur captain who may not be too highlighted. In one of the most consistent goalkeepers in the Premier League was him. The Spurs own are two of the teams that conceded fewest with Chelsea.

Lloris is old enough, and it was Madrid do not need to spend too much for this one goalkeeper. Although Tottenham also will not want to just let go.

4. Jan Oblak

One of the best goalkeepers in the Champions League season 2016/17. Performance Oblak has matured and become key Atletico throughout the season. But, the better the performance of the player, more are also a great team that glance.

He is often linked with English clubs. But Madrid obviously have to glance at the opportunities that exist. Although Oblak came from the club’s rivals, but Madrid is the biggest team and can spend infinite. So it is not impossible to bring Oblak.

3. Gianluigi Donnarumma

Since Iker Casillas, there is indeed a very goalie can be expected in a long time. Casillas in Madrid since the academy and became the main goalkeeper in a very long time.

If there is a figure that is expected to become a mainstay of the club for a long time, he was Donnarumma. Still 18 years old, the player is considered to have an extraordinary capacity. He could become an important figure in the Madrid and their future in the post was a promising goalkeeper in a long time.

2. Thibaut Courtois

One of the names that are often linked with Madrid. Irreplaceable in the squad Antonio Conte and still at a young age for a goalkeeper. Unfortunately, it will not be easy to get to El Real.

First Courtois is in a very convenient position at Chelsea is likely to win the title and Conte also has trust in this figure. Second, he is a former Atletico goalkeeper.

1. David De Gea

The main target for Madrid since long. Had nearly joined but for a non-technical issues. Though De Gea already agreed to join.

Even so, the desire De Gea obviously still very great to go back to Spain and become part of Madrid. No doubt, the goalkeeper is still the main candidates this time to join Madrid.

Top Score: Four Players Print Hattrick in the Premier League 2016-2017

Many people who say that the Premier League is the best football competition universe. The reason, almost every year the Premier League decorated new faces who topped the final standings.

Therefore, the Premier League is considered the best place for players who want to hone the ability to process the skin round on the pitch. No wonder the competition is now the highest in the land of the Queen Elizabeth has one player with the world’s most expensive label on yourself Manchester United’s Paul Pogba.

Brought in at 90 million pounds, or approximately Rp1.5 trillion, in fact, the appearance of Pogba had received a lot of criticism for not complying with the price. Until the weekend of the 17, the 23-year-old has scored three goals.

But it seems the Premier League this season hostile to the players, especially for a striker. Not many of them who can score more than one goal in every game. In fact, according to statistics, until mid-season there were only four players who can score a hat trick in one game.

4. Salomon Rondon

The first name can be said to be very hard to believe. Because, Rondon is a West Bromwich Albion striker which is a mid-table team. Although, in fact, the Venezuelan passports player managed to record a hat trick when the game counter Swansea City on December 14, 2016.

3. Jamie Vardy

Harry Kane to become a competitor in the race for the top scorers last season, the appearance of Jamie Vardy had drawn criticism because it is considered to decrease. But in the game vs Manchester City, December 10, 2016, Vardy managed to silence the critics with three his goal against Claudio Bravo to help Leicester City won 4-2.

2. Alexis Sanchez

Have a new role as the spearhead of Arsenal. It turned out that the appearance of Sanchez’s getting crazy in front of Gunner. The former Barcelona player scored a hat trick in the game against West Ham United earlier in December 2016.

1. Romelu Lukaku

Appearance young players from Belgium, Romelu Lukaku this season is remarkable. Ranked fifth in the list of top scorers while, Lukaku successfully steal the attention of many people. Especially when the 23-year-old scored three goals in the game vs Sunderland on September 12, 2016.