The benefits of crowberry fruit for health

 Fruit crowberry is one type of berry fruit in which the fruit is similar to blueberries. Differences fruit with blueberry fruit blueberries contained in color and size. Crowberry fruit has a larger size of blueberries and crowberry fruit has a color purple and blackish.

 the content contained in the crowberry fruit is lutein, fiber, niacin, phenol, carbohydrates, phytonutrients, flavonoids, phenols, vitamin b6, vitamin a, calcium, riboflavin, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin k, and other nutritional content. Because the fruit of crowberry has a lot of nutritional content it is no wonder the fruit of crowberry became one of the fruits that sought many countries and used as one of two for health. The various benefits of the fruit of this crowberry is as follows

Make eyes healthier

The content of vitamin a contained in the fruit of crowberry will help your body to maintain the health of your eyes. For it for those of you who want to have a healthier eye and avoid a variety of eye diseases, you can consume this crowberry fruit as one of the easiest solutions.

Overcoming excess fat

Besides can be used to prevent the occurrence of eye diseases and healthy eyes it turns out the content contained in this fruit has benefits to overcome excess fat. So for those of you who have excess fat do not worry because you can overcome by utilizing this crowberry fruit.

Increase the body’s immune

This fruit also contains a variety of good nutrients to increase the body’s immune so you can avoid various diseases that you do not want. Body health is very necessary to be maintained because a healthy body will make you expedite the various activities that you do.

Streamlining digestion

In addition to having the content of nutrients and vitamin a content, in this fruit contains high fiber so that crowberry fruit can be used to facilitate digestion. By consuming this fruit you will be protected from various diseases caused by the digestive system does not work well.

Prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can occur due to the brittle bone. Having a fragile bone will disrupt you in performing various activities every day. For that, you have to maintain your bone health so you can avoid osteoporosis. The content contained in the fruit will help you to avoid osteoporosis.

Strengthens bones and teeth

Adequate calcium intake will form your body to increase the strength of teeth and bones. Inside this fruit contains high calcium so that the fruits of quinine can be used to strengthen bones and teeth.

Good for heart health

The many nutritional contents in this fruit can make the heart healthier. Having a healthy heart is everyone’s dream because a healthy heart will form in a blood pumping becomes more optimal and a healthy beauty will give a person a heart attack.

As a drug infection

Crowberry fruit can also be used as one of the infectious drugs. When you have an infection in the body many ways you can do or the fruits you can consume to treat it. But did you consume the fruit of crowberry also can be useful to prevent the occurrence of infection?

Makes skin healthier

In addition to beneficial to health turns crowberry fruit is also useful for beauty. One of the benefits of crowberry fruit for beauty is to make the skin more healthy and well groomed. Healthy skin

Reduce fat in the abdomen

Abdominal fat is very disturbing to your appearance especially for you who often appear in public. Eat this delicious fruit to reduce fat in your stomach so you will look more elegant.

Preventing diabetes

Although there are several ways or several fruits that you can consume to prevent the occurrence of diabetes fruit name crowberry is also one of the fruits that contain to prevent the occurrence of diabetes.…

Benefits of clove oil for health

Clove is one type of spice – herbs that have a very expensive price. Clove oil benefits cloves as the spice are known for its unique aroma, its warm, sweet taste and slightly similar to the taste of ginger. The flowers are fresh pink, while for the leaves are round and egg-like and green.

Cloves belong to the Myrtaceae family and enter the genus Syzygium, clove which is now worldwide and very famous has many uses. Clove as a herb is used in the culinary world to taste the flavor and aroma of a dish. Not only that, cloves are also very beneficial in the world of health and is known to be able to overcome various health problems. Then, what are the benefits of cloves?

Treating toothache

A toothache is a health condition that may not be harmful to health. But if left unchecked can be annoying and cause unbearable pain. The essential oil content in the cloves eugenol has an anesthetic effect and as an antiseptic to be effective for treating toothache.

Overcoming constipation

Active ingredients in cloves can be used for digestion. The content is a kind of enzyme that is gastro intestinal enzyme that is used to relieve indigestion and able to treat constipation.

Normalize blood pressure

Potassium in cloves other than useful to normalize blood pressure can also be useful to help normalize abnormal heartbeat. Abnormal heartbeats alone may be a sign if you have other diseases and need to be aware of.

Help drive free radicals

Cloves have a high enough antioxidant content. These antioxidants are particularly useful for protecting the body against the attacks of various diseases caused by free radicals. Consuming cloves can help the body expel free radicals and avoid harmful diseases.

Prevent lung cancer

Cloves containing vitamin a and flavonoids are very good for the health of the body. Consumption of natural foods with high flavonoid content such as clove leaves or clove flowers can prevent and protect the lungs from the growth of cancer cells.

Lowering blood sugar levels

Another benefit of cloves is to lower the sugar levels contained in the blood. High blood sugar levels can lead to other diseases that are very harmful to health.

Helps treat arthritis

Content in clove oil anti-inflammatory substances and other substances that can help dilate blood vessels, blood circulation, and make the body feel warmer. This effect can help relieve inflammation in the joints and can also to relieve muscle pain.

Well, that’s some of the benefits of clove oil that we can feel, almost the same as its own clove that has been known for traditional medicine.


Benefits of papaya flowers for health

Papaya grows in the tropics, and its fruits are well liked by people from all walks of life. Papaya provides many benefits, not just the fruit, the roots of stems, leaves and flowers also provide tremendous health benefits take wonder if many people who plant papaya in the yard of his house, or regularly buy fruit in the market.

Papaya flowers contain a lot of various compounds including vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body. Some compounds contained in the papaya flowers include energy content, fat, high protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin a, vitamin b1 and vitamin c. In addition, papaya flowers also contain tannins, carpet alkaloid compounds, steroids, flavonoids, triterpenoids, and fibers. Benefits of papaya flower

Launching the digestive system

The content of tannin compounds in papaya flowers can facilitate the passage of the digestive system, and help the digestive organs function properly. With the smooth digestive system than the absorption of nutrients will also run optimally.

Ward off free radicals

Dense activity and frequent exposure to pollution can make organ function disturbed, even increase the chances of cancer cells appear. By regularly consuming papaya flowers containing flavonoid compounds then the body will be helpful in warding off these free radicals.

Prevent cancer

In addition to flavonoids, papaya flowers also contain antioxidants that can neutralize toxins in the body, including chemicals contained in food. If left toxic it will disrupt cell activity and cause cancer. Therefore, there is no harm in putting papaya flowers in the daily menu to prevent cancer.

Increase appetite

If you feel you do not have an appetite, try eating papaya sauté dishes. Immediately after eating it the lost appetite will return soon.

Blood circulation

The various content of compounds in papaya flowers can improve blood circulation so that blood circulation will be smooth. In addition, papaya flowers can also neutralize blood pressure so it is very good consumed for people with high blood pressure.

Overcoming obesity

Papaya flowers contain enough fiber and some vitamins that can help you lose weight. Fiber will bind dirt and excess fat in the intestine and dispose of it with feces. If you have excess weight, consume papaya flowers can be one solution to overcome them. Of course must be balanced with a healthy lifestyle, so that the ideal body can be obtained.

Treating diabetes disease

Although there is no in-depth research on the benefits of this one, many have proved that papaya flowers can overcome diabetes. Those who experience the disease feel better after consuming papaya flowers. It could be the content of compounds in papaya flowers can increase the production of insulin that controls blood sugar levels.

Prevent heart disease

In papaya flowers contain carpeting alkaloid compounds that can maintain heart health, in addition to keeping the heart to function properly, papaya flowers can also prevent and treat heart disease naturally.

Treating cholesterol disease

The content of antioxidants and folate in papaya flowers can lower bad cholesterol levels in the body. So if you feel the symptoms of cholesterol, try to consume papaya flowers so that cholesterol levels can return to normal.…

Benefits of Graviola for diabetes mellitus

Annona muricata has a green peel and white and soft flesh. Soursop fruit has black seeds. Soursop plants both fruit, leaves, and flowers can be used for medicine. Soursop seeds should not be consumed because of toxic but can be processed into insecticide materials.

The most nutritional content in soursop fruit is the carbohydrate type glucose and fructose. It also contains high vitamin c, minerals (potassium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium), and high in fiber. Soursop contains phytochemical compounds called acetogenin which can prevent blood sugar spikes and keep them stable. It is effective for diabetics.

Diabetes is a disease with insulin deficiency that causes high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is often known as sugar disease. The lack of insulin produced by the body causes glucose to circulate in the blood and it is difficult to get into the cells. Sugar content in soursop is also more easily digested and absorbed by the cells so as not to increase the pile of sugar in the blood.

In a study involving diabetic-induced animal testing, giving soursop extract was effective in lowering sugar levels. Sugar levels in experimental animals close to normal, other than that accompanied by a decrease in blood fat levels, the risk of liver damage decreased, and healthy antioxidants in the blood increased.

Soursop meat is quite thick, white and there are seeds – seeds are spread evenly black. You can consume it directly by eating the meat of soursop fruit or by being smoothed first into soursop juice. High vitamin c content provides a refreshing acidic taste when consumed.

Before processing it, make sure you take the soursop leaves are still young. Soursop leaves are still young have a better quality content. Clean the soursop leaves first. Then, boil the soursop leaves with water into the pan until boiling. Then strain, separate water, and soursop leave and pour into a glass. Drink boiled water soursop leaves while warm. Consumption at least once a day every night before bed.


The Benefits of Breathing Exercises

Every living being must be breathing, even the immobile plants also breathe. By breathing, many important substances that must be inhaled and become one source of energy. It’s just that the way breathing every living thing is different.

Breathing is done to stay alive. Breathing is also used to study inner power. Because actually, in the human body there is a source of energy that can be removed by doing breathing exercises. Doing deep breathing exercises has several benefits that impact can be felt by the body. Some of the benefits are:

Preventing fatigue

Doing deep breathing exercises can strengthen the body and prevent fatigue. Therefore, usually, people who have deep energy and deep breathing exercise power, will not easily tire when doing activities.

Relax muscle

Doing a lot of activity all day can cause the body become tired because of muscle tension because of all day full of activity. Exercising deep breathing can help relax the muscles of the body after a long day’s work.

Relieve stress

Too many thoughts can make the mind stressed and depressed. Doing deep breathing can help reduce stress. Not only to maintain strength, doing deep breathing exercises can effectively deal with the stress experienced.

Eliminates anxiety

People who are used to doing deep breathing exercises will have a strong mentality. The anxiety that can be eliminated, so usually, people who often do inner strength training has a heroic nature and not afraid of what he faced.

Keeping oxygen circulation

Breathing certainly keeps oxygen supply in the body. By doing deep breathing, oxygen supply into the body will be more optimal. Oxygen supply will be more optimal all the organs of the body, especially oxygen supply for the brain. So all the organs of the body can avoid the lack of oxygen supply.

Blood flow

Although breathing more on the levels of oxygen in the body, deep breathing can also affect blood circulation. Doing inner workouts can help to smooth the flow of blood.

Maintaining heart health

Not only consume foods that are low in cholesterol alone, doing deep breathing exercises can also help normalize the heartbeat. With a normal heartbeat, the risk of heart disease can also be avoided.

Prevent insomnia

Doing deep breathing exercises can optimize the circulation of oxygen and also blood to all organs of the body. It also has an effect on preventing insomnia.…

Benefits of bowling for health


Bowling is one of a kind of unique sport, exciting, and simple. Principally, as players, we have to roll the ball bowling along a special path and dropping ten pin bowling arranged in a triangular shape at the end of the line. If the pin falls all in one shot then it is called a strike. If there is still any left given the opportunity again to roll the ball.

To play this game we usually have to visit a special place that provides all the equipment and place of play so it must cost. In addition to fun playing bowling also brings many benefits for physical and mental health include:

Lose weight

With his ability to burn calories, sports bowling worthy of being a sport of choice for those of you who are on a diet because it can lose weight.

Good for muscle health

In the sport of bowling, there are many types of movements that we do that involve many muscles, one of which is the arm muscle where we have to take and throw the ball with the right direction, way, and speed in order to drop the pin as much as possible.

Train concentration

To be able to shoot all pins properly requires good concentration so that the direction and strength of the ball are right on target. By diligently playing bowling will also hone concentration so that we are easier to focus and concentration is not easily dispersed.

Preventing diabetes

Sports bowling can also prevent us from the risk of diseases dripped. With the various moves that we do to take the ball, spin, and roll the ball to make our body avoid obesity which is one cause of diabetes

Smooth blood circulation

Many diseases are caused by a lack of fluid or blockage of blood flow so that various tissues and organs of the body do not get enough oxygen and juice intake. For that exercise like a bowling, the sport is recommended because it can help blood circulation.

Lowering blood pressure

Blood pressure is one indicator of one’s health. Blood pressure is too high, not good for health and can cause disruption in the body.


Benefits of walking in the morning

Walking in the morning is an activity that is often done by every soul-healthy person. How not, the benefits of walking in the morning make people who do feel fresh because the air given is still clean and free of pollution.

Unfortunately, there are still many of us who feel reluctant to do so for various reasons such as sleepiness or feeling cold. Though many benefits provided by mild exercise like walking this. The benefits of walking in the morning include:

Lowering blood pressure

Benefits of walking the morning, able to make blood pressure becomes low and able to reduce the stickiness between blood cells. This if it happens, can result in clots of blood clots that can clog blood vessels.

Lowers cholesterol

As the body moves at walking time in the morning, good cholesterol will work as a sponge absorbing bad cholesterol.

Preventing stroke

Recent studies suggest that by walking for 20 hours a week, can reduce the risk of stroke as much as 2/3 times. This is what causes people in the past only a few who suffered a stroke. In addition to eating foods such as the benefits of fruits and vegetables, their lifestyle is different from the present, because it is always on foot if you want to travel.

Maintain fitness and immunity

The benefits of exercise by walking the morning, as much as 3 times a week can improve fitness and maintain the respiratory system. With a fit body condition, of course, it will be directly proportional to the increase in body immunity.

Lose weight

Excessive weight is a very undesirable thing for most people. In addition to making the appearance becomes unattractive, but also has the potential of the body is infected with chronic diseases. If you have obesity problems, the best way to overcome them is by walking in the morning. Because walking in the morning can burn calories if done on a regular basis.


Health Benefits of Warm Water

The benefits of drinking warm water in the health field are enormous. Good warm water is water that is colorless, smelly and also tasteless. Pure and warm water is better for health than water that has been mixed with sugar. Healthy water is warm water, pure, clear and of course has been through the cooking process so that germs and bacteria in it are dead.

In addition to pure warm water, warm water mixed with some fresh lemon juice can be a more healthy body. To overcome certain conditions of warm water can be mixed using other ingredients. The benefits of drinking warm water are as follows:

Make weight decrease

Drinking warm water warm water can be beneficial to make the metabolism in the body to be healthy. For health, consuming warm water can make ideal body weight

Relieve stomach pain due menstruation

During menstruation, the uterus is expelling dirty blood attached to the uterine wall. The release of dirty blood cells from the uterine wall is suspected to be the cause of cramping or abdominal pain. During menstruation, should not consume ice water.

Blood circulation

Warm water is also useful for blood circulation in the body. Hot water can dilate blood vessels. If blood vessels dilate, the flow of blood throughout the body becomes smooth.

Creating a healthy nervous system

A healthy nerve can be created with a glass of warm water. That’s because consuming warm water can smooth blood circulation, smooth blood circulation can support nerve activity become smoothly. Nerve activity and undisturbed neural performance can make the nervous system healthy.

Calming and stress reliever

Warm water also has benefits for a person’s psychic. If you’re upset and upset. It’s good in the morning you enjoy a glass of warm water while breathing in the morning air deep. It can soothe your soul and mind. The effect you will feel calm.

Eliminate sleepiness

The benefits of drinking warm water are also very important felt in the morning, because many are still sleepy. Drowsiness can be caused by various factors such as sleep is not quality, sleep too late at night and wake up too early. To overcome your drowsiness, drink warm water.


Warm water is beneficial for healthy organs. As we know beforehand that, warm water can be soothing and relieve stress. People with low levels of stress can make people healthy and avoid various diseases.

Well, that’s the benefits of drinking warm water that you can feel, this habit is very good done especially after the consumption of foods high in fat.


benefits of cucumber for health

cucumber is a type of vegetable that goes into plant families such as pumpkin and watermelon (family Cucurbitaceae). The content of water in cucumber vegetables is the same as that of watermelon, which consists mostly of (95 percent) of water, which means consuming cucumbers on a hot summer day, can help keep the body hydrated.

Cucumber consists of 95% water and naturally low in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium. According to USDA national database nutrition, 1 cup of cucumber slices with skin (about 119 grams)
benefits of cucumbers for health is very diverse, consuming cucumber will increase the intake of various substances that are important for the body. Here are reviews of the various benefits of cucumber for the health of the human body.

Protecting the brain

Inside the cucumber, there are a number of substances called flavanols (fisetin), which have the benefit of increasing memory and protecting nerve cells, from decreased age-related brain functions. In a study conducted by rats, this fisetin compound provides progressive protection against Alzheimer’s disorders

Maintain water intake for the body

Cucumber contains 96% water content better than ordinary water. Hacking cucumbers can avoid dehydration and of course, help neutralizes toxins in the body.

Healthy heart

The content in cucumber juice in the form of potassium as in the benefits of bananas, also magnesium and fiber are very well consumed for people with high or low blood. The balance of potassium inside and outside the cells is very important for the body, to control the state of blood pressure in the body.

Maintain a healthy weight

Cucumbers are very low in calories, which work like the apple benefits for diet. Make a snack by filling one cup of cucumber, containing only 16 calories. The soluble fiber in cucumber is textured like a gel in the intestine, which helps to slow down digestion.

Supports healthy digestion

In the cucumber, there are two basic compositions of the richest in existence and the most necessary for healthy digestion of water and fiber. Abundant fiber and water content clear the intestines from toxins. Cucumber skin contains soluble fiber, which helps increase the need for defecation.

Maintain a healthy weight

Cucumbers are very low in calories, but they make a filling snack (one cup of cucumber slices contains only 16 calories) .8 soluble fiber in cucumber dissolves into a gel-like texture in your intestines, helping to slow down your digestion.

Helps cure symptoms of rheumatic and gout disease

Vitamin a, b, folate, potassium, magnesium in cucumbers mixed with carrot juice to get the benefits of carrots, able to relieve arthritis pain and uric acid levels in the body.


Benefits of garlic for health

Garlic is a plant that has been used since ancient Egypt, allicin content is one of the substances used as a drug. Allicin is one of the most active and major active biological components in garlic. What is the function of this allicin? It is an anti-bacterial substance contained in garlic.

Almost all natural ingredients have their respective properties in the body. So also with garlic, but before switching to its benefits, it helps us to know the nutritional content of the garlic. As for the benefits of garlic are:

Anti cancer

Garlic deserves to be called a herbal / anti-cancer plant, the content of allyl sulfide is contained in garlic which causes it as an anti-cancer herb.

Trimming bad cholesterol (LDL)

One of the other greatness of herbal/spice most famous cuisine is its ability in lowering bad cholesterol. It is able to cut LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body significantly, various research proves that it can cut LDL as much as 10-15%. Do not worry about your HDL (good cholesterol), although it’s a potent garlic to lower LDL, it does not have a significant effect on HDL, so you’ll stay healthy.

Increase iron metabolism

Recent research on garlic has shown that it is very powerful in boosting iron metabolism. Iron is stored in cells that exist in our body, the next activity is the transfer out of the cell and back in the circulation of the body that would require a protein called ferroportin. Ferroportin is a protein that runs across cell membranes and provides a bridge for iron to cross and leave cells. Garlic can increase the production of this protein so as to help keep the iron circulating in the body as needed.

Lose weight

Various researchers have found that the anti-inflammatory substances contained in garlic can help regulate the fat cells that form in our body. Obesity or weight occurs when fat continues to form, this stage transforms pre-adipocytes into fat cells (adipocytes) through a process we call the inflammatory system. Vinyldithiin substances contained in garlic can help inhibit the occurrence of this inflammatory process is certainly good to prevent weight.

Prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Can you garlic to prevent neurological diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s this? Neural or oxidative damage caused by free radicals is very important in the aging process. Garlic contains antioxidants that support the body’s protection mechanism against oxidative damage.

Antiviral / anti-bacterial / antioxidant very powerful

The most popular efficacy of garlic is a very rich source of antioxidants and certainly needed by the body. Not only to prevent garlic, also known as anti-virus and bacteria, substances contained in garlic can help prevent the development of bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses and worms in the body.